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Classes & Workshops – Circus Fun for Everyone!

Community Circus Classes for Adults and Children
We're so excited to be able to introduce our Covid secure Adult program to accompany our children's circus classes as of 7th June.  See class descriptions below:

Classes for kids & Teens:

Most of our Children's Classes involve both ground skills such as juggling, diabolo and poi and aerial skills. Classes are designed to develop agility, balance, coordination, confidence, concentration, resilience and social skills.  Our specialist team of instructors are certified and experienced in working with children of all ages including those with SEND and neurological, learning or physical differences.

Aerial Dance are movement and creativity based Aerial Classes designed with dancers in mind. The lovely Electra Star Dance in Horam take bookings directly for these classes and can be contacted on

Our Home-ed Classes are relaxed and enjoyable, providing all the benefits listed above but amongst others from the home-ed community.  Circ-Ed is subsidised by the Fonthill foundation and provides the option to combine Circus Skills with literacy and Arts Award qualifications.

Youth Group Classes are fitness and strength based but are focussed on self esteem, confidence, resilience and positive body awareness.

Minis and Juniors Classes very much focus on fun, confidence and emotion regulation.  So if your little one has no sense of danger or is just to shy to come out of their shell this is the prefect experience for them.

Minis, Juniors and Youth Groups are all eligible for the sliding scale payment scheme funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.  For example: Most of our classes cost £39 for a 6 week term.  In the June term there will be a minimum payment of £15.  You choose how much to pay between those two amounts based on what you feel you can afford.  You don't have to prove anything, justify it or even mention it.  Each term the minimum amount will rise a little until either everyone is paying full fees or the funding runs out.

Whilst we are still living under covid protocols sessions are a little shorter than normal and the only Aerial Equipment in use are Aerial Hoops which are easily cleaned between users. Our youth groups are not doing ground skills at the moment to ensure they all get plenty of time on the hoop. 
Many of our classes are over subscribed, we will maintain waiting lists and /or open new classes as possible.

Classes for Adults:
Our exciting new program of adult classes is designed and led by our team of professional Aerial Fitness instructors.  Whether you are new to this kind of activity or returning after the lockdowns these classes will gently condition your body to be able to do all the upside downs, pretty shapes and strength moves and skills you desire whilst ensuring you have a good giggle along the way!
Aerial Hoop Play
A low / grounded Aerial hoop class - Ideal for both beginners and returners, we'll spend some time working on strength and stamina as well of plenty of time exploring shapes, skills and flow.  6 week course starts 7th June £45
Tanzi's Toning
Tanzi has spent lockdown delivering online classes that target the muscles required for Aerial.  These floor based sessions will activate your core, increase strength and flexibility in your shoulders, back, glutes and legs.  Tanzi has an especially friendly way of motivating her her students to achieve their personal goals.  **Please note that due to covid capacity there are only 4 spaces on this course currently!** Starts 7th June £35 for the 6 week course.
Circus Fit / Body Con
This is Miz's Monday Madness class.  Silly circuits, fun and games inspired by circus. You might be learning to juggle with weighted balls, having push wars with broom handles, playing parachute or bouncing around on a space hopper.  Will it make you fitter - yes!  Will it make you stronger - yes!  Will it make you laugh - definitely!  What better way to start your week!
Learn to Juggle / poi play
Juggling is the perfect movement break activity, you don't need much space, it gives your brain a workout, gets you gently moving and helps the body release hormones that help you feel good.  Better still join a Zoom session and you'll get some social interaction, something we're all lacking in our lockdown lives.
Weekly learn to Juggle Adult Social sessions will remain on Zoom for the time and we'll be adding some learn to Juggle / Poi Play in the park with the 1st one schedules for June 17th. These sessions are on a voluntary donation basis.  Click on the picture at the bottom of this page if you would like to donate.
Our Learn to Juggle programme is funded by the Devonshire West Big Local and Active Sussex.   Classes are based around our Learn to Juggle kits which can be found here. Although you can easily make your own from some socks, handkerchiefs and a cereal packet. 

If you would like to give Sweet Circus a try get in touch now to register your interest and secure a space:

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